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MMDs Range of Sizers


500 Series Sizer

500 series
Twin-Shaft Sizer


625 Series Sizer

625 series
Twin-Shaft Sizer


750 Series Sizer

750 series
Twin-Shaft Sizer


1000 Series Sizer

1000 series
Twin-Shaft Sizer


1300 Series Sizer

1300 series
Twin-Shaft Sizer


1500 Series Sizer

1500 series
Twin-Shaft Sizer



Mobile and Semi-mobile Sizer Stations 



500 Series Twin-Shaft Sizer


500 Series Sizer

This sizer was the first to be designed in the MMD range and has been used successfully in many industries all over the world. Offering superb versatility, the 500 Series sizer can be used for primary, secondary or tertiary sizing operations, depending on the tooth configuration.

The machine can be constructed as a fixed centres, adjustable centres or a single rotor unit  with a range of tooth configurations to suit individual applications. Adding to the machine's versatility, different lengths are available for processing higher or lower tonnages and there is the option of the machine being single or double drive, depending on the tonnage requirements and the material being handled.

A typical adjustable 500 Series Sizer with twin 75 kW electric motors, has an approximate mass of 12 tonnes.


625 Series Twin-Shaft Sizer


625 Series Sizer

The 625 Series Sizer is one of the most popular machines as it can be configured for primary or secondary use in the same system on medium tonnages, allowing common drives for both primary and secondary units.

The length of the inlet can be adjusted at the design stage to suit the tonnage required and can be constructed as a fixed or adjustable centres unit. A wide range of existing tooth configurations are available for this machine to cover most applications.

The machine can be single or double drive, using one or two 260 kW electric motors, depending on tonnage and material being processed.

A typical 5 tooth secondary 625 Series Sizer, with a 2 metre long inlet and double 260 kW drives, has an approximate mass of 26 tonnes.


750 Series Twin-Shaft Sizer


750 Series Sizer

The 750 series, developed shortly after the 500 series, provides a range of higher tonnage machines capable of breaking larger and harder materials. These machines can be used as primary or secondary machines, depending on the tooth configuration.

A wide range of tooth configurations are available to cover most applications, but MMD are always prepared to develop new ones if necessary for a new application.

When used as a primary machine in a process system, the 750 series is often paired with a 625 series secondary machine to provide a higher reduction ratio than is possible with a single machine. Like all other MMD sizers, the inlet size can be altered to suit the tonnage required.

A typical 3 tooth primary machine with single 400 kW electric drive, has an approximate mass of 40 tonnes. 


1000 Series Twin-Shaft Sizer


1000 Series Sizer

The 1000 series Sizer was designed to provide a range of primary machines between the 750 and the high tonnage 1300 series. The extra centre distance enables the 1000 series Sizer to cope with a larger infeed size, substantially increasing the capacity for the same inlet length, which can be varied.

The machine is often paired with a 750 series secondary machine when a multi-machine system is necessary for achieving the final product requirements. The units can be fitted with single or double drives of varying powers, using the extensive range of purpose-designed MMD gearboxes.

A typical 3 tooth by 5 ring long machine with a single 400 kW drive has an approximate mass of 60 tonnes.


1300 Series Twin-Shaft Sizer


1300 Series Sizer

The 1300 series Sizer was initially developed for high tonnage overburden operations as a key component in the change to short haul truck and shovel operations feeding conveyor systems. As overburden by its very nature constantly changes, the 1300 series Sizer, like the entire range of MMD Sizers, is able to work on a wide range of materials, from wet sticky clay to hard abrasive granites. This characteristic makes the Sizer ideal for overburden applications.

These machines have also been used in many other types of applications all over the world. The 1300 series is normally fitted with double drives of varying powers, depending on the application.

A typical 3 tooth machine with twin 400 kW drives, has an approximate mass of 95 tonnes.


1500 Series Twin-Shaft Sizer


1500 Series Sizer

The 1500 series Sizer was first supplied to operate within the oil sands industry in Northern Canada. Here it assisted the change to short haul truck and shovel extraction, which proved to be a significant economic improvement from the traditional systems that were previously used.

The unit currently offers the highest available capacity, but design studies are underway to create sizers capable of handling even higher tonnages.

High reliability, low wear and low maintenance costs are important features in any mining operation, but are crucial to the abrasive, hostile environment in which these Sizers were first designed to work. Now allowing changes in capacity by varying the inlet length, the 1500 series Sizers still offer the key features mentioned above, but can now be applied to many applications.

A typical 3 tooth machine with twin 400 kW drives has an approximate mass of 160 tonnes.



Operators are demanding more and more flexible extraction systems, meaning process equipment has to be more adaptable to suit the range of modern mining methods available. MMD has, throughout its existence, developed purpose designed units to suit any mining method and material as required. The whole range of Sizers can be incorporated into a wide range of transport options available to suit the duties required.


Wheeled units


Trailer mountedTrailer mounted

These are only really suitable for the smaller sizers due to the limited carrying capacity on this type of design and the many highway restrictions now imposed world wide. This style of unit is normally powered by a diesel engine and a hydraulic system to power the discharge conveyor and feeder if fitted.


Transportable units


Transportable unit

Any sizer can be installed on this type of unit; the main difference is that the modules are designed to be moved on separate trransporters. These units are normally electrically powered in the same manner as static installations and designed to suit the operator's preferred method of transport.


Track mounted


Fully Mobile Track MountedTrack mounted






This is probably the most versatile method of mounting the whole range of sizers and is adaptable to the widest range of extraction methods. These units can be electric, diesel or a combination of the two. If the sizer, feeder and discharge conveyor are electrically driven, and the tracks are driven by a diesel engine, the main supply cable can be disconnected during relocation.

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