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Features and Benefits of MMD Equipment

MMD is a well-established designer and manufacturer of material processing equipment that is used in many types of surface and underground mining operations all over the world. As a result of this extensive experience, MMD's equipment offers added benefits and features that far exceed those on offer from competitors.





When comparing the typical dimensions of the range of MMD's Sizers, it is clear that the vertical dimensions do not increase significantly to achieve the extra throughput. In fact, the height dimension is unlikely to become excessive whatever the tonnage requirement. As vertical dimensions are so critical in mining and tunelling situations, the compactness of MMD's sizers is a great advantage.

The two main features that enable high capacity breaking in such compact dimensions, are the unique breaking action and the rotating screen effect. The rotating screen effect eliminates the need for pre-classifying screeners. It is achieved by the scroll angle agitating the larger lumps around the machine, and the design of the large teeth which creates space for undersize material to fall straight through. The unique breaking action is accomplished by the teeth co-operating to break minerals by three separate breaking actions, known as the primary, secondary and tertiary breaking actions.

The advantages of compact dimensions become clear when the dimensions of various 1000 TPH crushers are compared in the image below. All machines are shown to the same scale.


Material: Medium / Hard Limestone   Infeed size: 750 mm
Product size: 250 mm   Capacity: 1000 TPH



Comparison of Crushers




MMD's Sizers offer a unique Reject Facility, which ensures sections of material that are too large to be sized are removed without obstructing work flow. Within the Sizer Stations, this feature is hydraulically controlled and enables an operator to open a door to allow oversize lumps to be rejected.



MMD's sizing approach, utilising tensile rather than compressive forces, not only results in machines being able to run at economically slow speeds, but also produces accurate sizing without excessive fines or dust.

Another outstanding feature of MMD Sizers is their ability to handle very wet, sticky and hard materials either separately or together through the same unit. The changes required for sticky materials can simply be incorporated at the manufacturing stage and can also be added to existing machines should there be a change in the material to be handled.

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